Opera is a consulting company based and registered in Norway. We support along with the clients internationally. Our focus is within aviation.

Marius Jansen, founder, operational and technical consultant since 2009, now senior consultant at Opera AS. During the last 7 years been consulting organizations and operational departments of more than 300 drone companies. Has customized more than 200 UAV platforms and builds for commercial operations both within civil and military operations. Is today senior consultant of international relations.

Gunnar Bekkemellem, has a background from military aviation. He has worked extensively with flight safety and have in addition attended multiple courses with Southern California Safety Institute, from accident investigation to risk management. Gunnar has been consulting in UAV training and courses since 2013. He works full-time in the field of RPAS and has a keen interest in anything remote controlled.

Sverre Westereng is a Technical consultant at Opera AS. He is educated as an Aircraft Mechanic, and has previously been working with heavy maintenance on the Norwegian F-16 aircrafts. Sverre has worked with RPAS since 2015, mainly as responsible for technical systems, but also with consultant and sales. Since 2005 he has been an active RC-plane and helicopter enthusiast.

Øyvind Laugstøl works as business jet pilot, holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s in Safety and Human Factors from Cranfield University. Has developed and presents the human factors safety module of UAV training courses at Opera AS.

Lawyer John Aage Hvardal, from Codex Advokat Oslo AS. In terms of international relations, John Aage has considerable experience, both through previous activities at Arthur Andersen/Andersen Legal and Ernst & Young law firm, as well as through Norwegian – and international customers. John Aage graduated from the University of Oslo in 1995.





John Aage

Vision & Values

Our professional advice aims to match the key to successful operations.

While some see human vs machine as a race. Opera support, consult and modify human and tool to make synergy of both to be the most effective.

The people includes a diverse and wide variety of skills and knowledge for processing and maintaining a sustainable base.

We belive your projects, depends on reliable advice.

Career opportunities at Opera AS

Our people are our greatest asset. To attract top candidates, we strive to offer an unrivalled environment for exceptional talent where personal and professional development is at the center.

We believe in putting together a diverse team that bring different experience and perspectives. People with passion for what we do are always of interest.

We develop our professionals through on-the-job learning, training, clear goals and unlimited opportunities to take ownership and responsibility.

We accept applications on a continuous basis.

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